1. CONTACT US VIA THE TELEPHONE ON 0845 533 1483 OR USE OUR FORM OPPOSITE We receive all call back requests almost immediately and usually call you back within 1 Hour

2. WE AGREE A CA$H PRICE THEN ARANGE A TIME FOR COLLECTION THATS CONVENIENT FOR YOU Recommendations are important to us so we make sure we are on time and the price agreed is the price paid

3. CA$H PAID, ALL DVLA PAPERWORK COMPLETED CORRECTLY AND LEGALLY, VEHICLE SAFELY REMOVED You need your V5c form registration of ownership document for us to complete then you to send off to the DVLA If you don't have your V5c we can still help just call us on 0845 533 1483 for more information.

4. YOUR VEHICLE IS TAKEN TO OUR NEAREST ATF WHERE IT CAN BE DESTROYED AND CERTIFICATE ISSUED Certificate of destruction can only be issued once the vehicle is destroyed then it will be forwarded on.

5. DOCUMENTS FROM DVLA ARRVIVE TO THE ADDRESS YOU SUPPLIED US WITHIN A MAXIMUM OF 4 WEEKS These documents have now confirmed that your vehicle was recycled and no longer exists and hopefully you choose to recommend us. Thanks for taking the time to read our 5 step process. Our process is actually a lot harder than explained above with having to separate all the different types of metal and plastics. The De pollution stage could have a 30 page training manual but as every companies process is different we use hands on teaching methods. If you do have any questions relating to the process and want to talk directly to the owner of scrapcarforcash.co.uk please don't hesitate to call Tony on 07854 888 985 to discuss any questions or queries you might have