Sell Car For Scrap


Welcome to scrap car for cash we are constantly looking for people who want to sell car for scrap. Our services include collection of your unwanted vehicle and all DVLA documents are completed legally and cash is always paid. With coverage across the whole of the UK you can rest assured you have found the right place to sell your car for scrap. With new rules on insurance and sorning all vehicles off the road if they don't have insurance now in full effect we find that more cars are being sold for scrap. With so many cars to choose from it is hard to sell a car without tax or mot. We find that one big reason for selling a running car for scrap is because usually their are over 2000 under £500 cars for sale at any given time. When you take that into consideration if you have a vehicle that falls into that category you have to then add up all the other factors. How much is tax? Mot? insurance? for a potential buyer? Once this is calculated another question is how much to advertise the vehicle? If their are defects with the vehicle how much to repair? These are common questions that people ask themselves when thinking about selling a car for scrap. To make more sense of the reasons behind the selling car for scrap process is take a 1.8 petrol renualt laguna 1999 still runs few scratches but tax and mot have expired 130k on clock for instance. Tax is around £110 for only 6 months, MOT's are £50 but lagunas of this age generally fail on a few different points some small only £40 cost, some up to £1200 cost of repair i.e. welding or emission failures! So if your lucky it might only cost £200 to have the vehicle MOT'd and Taxed but is it ready for sale to the retail public? Lets say it is so add advertising costs about £30 on average. Currently anyone can buy a like for like car for £300 - £400 on any of the worlds largest auction sites i.e. ebay. We generally pay around £100 for this sort of vehicle depending on the area so when you add it up it's probably best to scrap the vehicle legally and safely.